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Our Times

“Principles of Journalism” started yesterday with the “Good Night and Good Luck” clip of Edward R. Murrow’s 1958 speech to radio and television broadcasters (i was 7 months old then!!).

Guess i didn’t stay awake long enough to flip to Olbermann last night, but i learned via BigInk today that the MSNBC anchor took on Rumsfeld over the whole facism/Nazi analogy (which President Bush repeated today in Utah). The clip is at Crooks and Liars.

It’s disheartening to see this connection being made. I’ve been reading “Suite Francaise” by Irene Nemirovsky, written as the Germans took over France and before the author was sent off to die in the concentration camps.

Certainly our world is troubled today. But to say that Osama or Saddam are the equivalent of Hitler is an incredible overreach. And it trivializes that time when Europe was overtaken by Nazism and facism.

old broad? new tricks?

OK, my traumatic experience of the day was listening to NPR’s piece today called “Does Age Quash Our Spirit of Adventure?”

The gist? Everything we’re gonna be into, we’re gonna be into, like, by 30-something. EEEKKKK!!! The music e.g.: If you grew up on Billy Joel, you’re gonna listen to him forever. EEEEKKKK!!!

Now let me admit, my recent bike ride across Iowa convinced me that the homestate is stuck in the ’70s. My buddy Jake was in town last week, and he agreed with my assessment.

And there have to be exceptions, right? An example from this piece was that if you didn’t have your tongue pierced by 23, it wouldn’t be happening. Along that line, tho, the friend i went for a beer with tonight got a tattoo when she was 40 – and she’s not the first along that line.

On the other hand, World Cafe tonight played Michelle Shocked’s “Come a Long Way” from “Arkansas Traveler,” originally from 1992 (but remastered on CD). It sounded so fresh to me.

Then again, so did Juana Molina, the Argentinian starlet turned songwriter.

It’s all so confusing. Am i really old? Am i culturally out of touch?

On the plus side, i did start using Dreamweaver today! Whoo-hoo! i’ve got that going for me!

Political junkies

If you are one, the primary coverage tonight is a clear signal of things to come.

Nationally, Daily Kos is live-blogging the Lieberman-Lamont race from Connecticut and getting 2000 users a minute. His link to the sitemeter took down the sitemeter.

In Colorado, the confidants at Colorado Confidential are updating from the 5th and 7th CDs, as well as the Democratic headquarters. The new Colorado conservative blog, ToTheRight, also is posting live results.

Meanwhile, the Rocky Mountain News has a sweet Web presentation of results.

Meanwhile, here in Boulder County, results are moving as slow as molasses. It’ll be interesting to see if they have a repeat of the fiasco two years ago, when Boulder County didn’t report final results for almost two days.

Soy un perdedor

Yep, i bailed on the triathlon today.

My excuses:

1) When i arrived at SFO Saturday morning, my flight had been changed to leave earlier and arrive later with a stop at LAX along the way. I got out of DIA at about 3:15 p.m., got to Bicycle Village at about 3:45 and registration was closed.

2) Saturday was the second evening in about three weeks, that i’d get to spend with the charming Jim Charlier. He took me to dinner at RedFish. It was wonderful! Then we watched last week’s Deadwood.

3) i did a triathlon last month. Hated it.

Despite this, i’ll still plan to be at Michelle’s party, where i’m sure i’ll be taking plenty of heat!!

Some Pics

Dippin’ in the Mississippi, Chris, Paula, Edward and me!
The Dove and i made it!! (But i’m a little tired!!)

Riders with the Iowa sky and a cornfield in the background.

If there’s an opportunity to get a picture taken with Miss Pigalicious, you gotta take it!!