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Only in Boulder

On the one hand, prepare to hear a lot of Boulder jokes.

On the other, it is pretty hilarious to pick up your newspaper and learn that one of your councilmen (age 57, no less) has been arrested for driving under the influence – of pot.

Guess he’ll be voting for Amendment 44 in November, eh?

Some background: Richard Polk opened one of the first Earth Shoe shops on Boulder’s Pearl Street Mall in the 1970s. (The Daily Camera archives has a great photo of him with super-long, curly hair, a total hippie look. Not that you’ll probably see that anywhere…) He was elected to Boulder’s City Council on his second try – and is considered somewhat of a conservative, at least for Boulder.

Sad news

That was the line on the message i received yesterday and then sadly passed along to others.

A former co-worker in Orlando, Susan Strother Clarke, had a heart attack Sunday evening and died Monday. She was 47. Susan was a journalist through and through, covering tourism, Central Florida’s primary economic driver, for years. She was also an incredibly kind person, “genteel” as the news story points out.

It’s a reminder that heart disease is the leading killer of women, with six times as many deaths caused as breast cancer. Symptoms of heart disease are different for women than for men, with shortness of breath, flu-like symptoms and fatigue as likely or more likely than chest pain.

In the process of e-mailing one former friend of the sad news (she’d been e-mailing Susan just last week), i learned that another former Jacksonville co-worker’s son died in a car crash on his way back to the University of Georgia Sunday night.

All very sad.

The Tailgate Pic

No, not from any sort of CU game, why would he be here? This is from the big bash in Iowa City last weekend, the Iowa-Iowa State (aka Culture-Agriculture) showdown.

The Q: Does posting near a beer bong get your more votes?? This pic is from the Des Moines Register, btw…

A post. Whatever!

Really, i need a theme here. Not just random thoughts about life in general. Which is the theme thus far.

Anyway, it’s Constitution Week, so i thought i’d post! Lots of folks are excited about this event, including those in Gilbert, Ariz. where they’re having a golf tournament, it would appear.

Here at the University of Colorado, where the feds kick in some cash, there was a debate about the Constitution. That’s because the federal government requires it, for us to keep their cash. (Not kidding here!) And, no, it wasn’t a debate over, like, Constitution, good or bad. More like, Constitution, liberal or conservative interpretation.

Anyway, as you know if you’re reading this, i’m a geek! So i went to the debate, held over the noon hour in the noisy UMC. Cause two former lawmakers i covered were on the panel – Sen. Ken Gordon, D-Denver, a candidate for secretary of state, and Sen. Shawn Mitchell, R-Broomfield. They’re both lawyers. Of course. Who better to debate the constitution.

Gordon didn’t realize they were doing this event because of a federal mandate. Mitchell told me after that he forgot to mention that the event was unconstitutionally mandated speech.

Anyway, drink to Jefferson, Franklin, et al, folks! Whoo-hoo, it’s Constitution Week!!!