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It’s all about the candy…

There’s a reason i waited until this afternoon to buy the Halloween candy (hard to find dark chocolate at this point)… already i’ve eaten about five Pixy Stix in 30 seconds. And i’m going to get more.

Hopefully, children will show up and take this all away from me. If not, well, yummmm…. Pixy Stix!!

A day in the life of a wifey-wife

Or maybe it’s just a day in the life of the person who was home and decided to do laundry.

But really, let’s look at the positive side of the $550 plumber bill i just paid after my laundry room and basement bathroom flooded:

i didn’t wait until Saturday to do laundry, when the call to the plumber would have cost another $100.

my basement bathroom and laundry needed cleaning anyway.

i worried earlier this week about this junky basement bathroom if something happened to me suddenly and someone else had to clean it up. No more worries there, for a while at least.

i’d been searching for this weaving utensil to give a friend, but hadn’t been able to find it. But just now, while cleaning the floor of my basement bathroom, i looked up and saw it between the minifridge (which hasn’t been opened in about a year cause it had too much stuff in front of it) and the cabinet.

i found a glove i’d been looking for. how it got in the back of that bathroom is quite unclear.

lots of good yarn in there. i need to get knitting!

hey, there may be some two-year-old girl scout cookies in the minifridge. i’ll check for beer too!

i’m sure there are other upsides to this situation. i’m sure.

Snow time, folks!!

It should be clear from the photo below…

Early in the week it snowed, got cold, then got warm and slushy. My friend Chris came from Maryland with a full complement of winter gear.

Of course, on Friday, it was nearly 70 degrees. We went out downtown, came home, went to sleep… and when i looked out at 1 a.m. Saturday, there was snow all over. Chris wondered what was going on when she heard me coming down the stairs then no more activity – hey, i was scooping the driveway (it still amazes me that there’s no one aroudn to take a photo of such rare events).

Sunday morning, i decided we should get up to the mountains and tossed my skis and snowshoes in the back of the new Element. Whee! We got to Brainard Lake and there was actually more snow on the ground than some of the times i’ve skiied in the winter.

So Chris geared up with the snowshoes and i put on my fish-scale skis and we took off up the road a ways. It was snowing, cold and blowing a little. But it was beautiful to get out and see the winter – in October, no less!

i’m proud to say i’ve already been skiing, if only for a few miles! And i’m hoping it’s the first of many, many days this winter!

My new ride…

Here it is! Or part of it! Note how it’s the same color as the aspen leaves. And how great my orange Birks look next to it.

So i’m pretty excited about my Honda Element. If dorky guys spill coffee on the floor (Mike Thomas) it’s OK cause the floor is plastic. i sit up high like in the old Mitsubishi Montero. And the view seems really expansive.

So i’m pretty excited about my new car! Plus, it isn’t silver. i’ve driven silver cars for almost 19 years. Enough!!


So, OK, Michelle convinced me to wake up early and do Race for the Cure – the 8:30 a.m. start.

And am i glad i did! Got some great stuff from eBags! In addition to the pink packing cube for breast cancer survivors, when we crossed the finish line, we got coupons for free CamelBak packs, which totally rock!

So, thanks for making me go!

Guilt or no guilt?

i’m trying to decide… but i really don’t want to go do the Race for the Cure this weekend.

i’ve done it a few times, always running the women’s only race by myself, which i enjoy. Two years ago, i really wanted to do it for the first time as an actual survivor. Got the cheesy pink hat, picked up the little pink ribbon sticky thingys to indicate the number of years of survivorship (i’d get a third if i went Sunday). Plus, i always like the t-shirts.

But for some reason, i just don’t feel like doing it this year. i think i’ll just go for a long run at home, by myself.

i may still feel guilty about this, however.

Live Bloggin’ the Boulder City Council

So my graduate reporting class is covering the Boulder City Council tonight… and hey, so am i!!

i arrived about 15 minutes early, about the same time as Richard Polk, the councilman arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence of pot last week. Meanwhile, Jann Scott, a local gadfly type talkshow host had the main door staked out with his videocamera, shooting video and futiley asking Polk questions.

Reportedly, Scott is upset with the local public access television station. And the local newspaper, which is airing a cool new CU Buffaloes TV show on Channel 54.

As i type this (6 p.m.), Scott just accused someone of being a pedophile. All on camera.

More as the story rolls on…

6:04 p.m.: Showtime, folks! And first…
The mea culpa: Richard Polk reads a statement about “I embarrassed myself, my family, my friends, my fellow council members and my community… I apologize to everyone ask for your understanding…”
His voice breaks as he says: “Service to the community has always been one of the most important things to my life… I’m fully capable of fulfilling my public duties.” (i.e., he’s not resigning)

There’s some scant applause.

Mayor Mark Ruzzin reads a statement, noting that council members are removed if convicted of a crime or felony. He says the council will seek legal advice as the definition of crime, but notes that until there’s a conviction, it’s all good. And he notes that they need to conduct themselves ethically.

6:08 p.m.: Oh boy, let’s all talk about it. Police Chief Mark Beckner gets the call to address the allegations of preferential treatment in Polk’s arrest (in which Polk wasn’t booked into the jail, let alone required to hang there overnight, and was allowed to have his car parked behind his shoe store instead of having it towed away).
Beckner says officers have discretion in making arrests – says they don’t send them all to jail. He mentions “standing in the community” as one of the factors considered – and “danger to the community” as another. Says there have been 45 similar arrests in which folks have been released without going to jail.

6:13 p.m.: Time for some good news!! Awards, including one for the car dealership that’s going to sell me a new Honda Element (same car that Polk drives, but that’s all a coincidence!).

6:20 p.m.: Whoo-hoo! It’s public participation time!! (That’s way different from make-believe ballroom time, i’d like to note… the vocals and the accompaniment just aren’t the same.)

6:29 p.m.: It’s the usual suspects. Ruth Blackmore is talking about floodplain issues in south Boulder and the CU South Campus. Later, it’s Lynn Segal’s turn to talk about… um, something. She comes to every meeting. She’s making a lot more sense tonight than she sometimes does.

6:42 p.m.: OWW!!! The guy Jann Scott acused of being a pedophile has just artfully called Jann a windbag… says Scott could be the other “wind power.” He gets lots of laughs. A tough act to follow. There are several other supporters of Boulder TV, though Jann isn’t the only detractor.

6:59 p.m.: It’s Jann Scott time. He says they pulled his show after he expressed concerns… Right now, he’s got a list of 37 – communication, someone else is the star, equipment checkout, hostility to the public, sex and drinking, etc.

7:11 p.m.: OK, we’ve heard support of Ref I (same-sex civil unions), a county transit tax, low-income housing, mountain biking, etc. Now it’s time for the real action. Right??

7:13 p.m.: Oops! Battery’s low, time to go!!

8:44 p.m.: OMG!!! i’m home already! That has to be the shortest council meeting ever in the history! Whoo-hoo!!