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Snow Day!

OK, they said this storm would drop a few inches on the Front Range. Well, here at my house there’s more than a foot in my driveway.

A friend who takes the bus from Denver said it took two hours this a.m. – better than last night, which took more than three, apparently. They cancelled the faculty meeting almost right off the bat. And the ball seemed to keep rolling. So i cancelled the afternoon class – didn’t want to make the guest speaker drive in and knew that few folks would show up.

This is way different than working at the newspaper! i’ve walked to the store and have baked some cookies in between grading papers. Almost four years ago, during a big storm, i had to call a city employee at home (having obtained the unlisted number via sources that won’t be revealed her but are public record). She was irate with me that i’d found her number and was calling at home, when she was busy baking cookies! Had to explain that tho the city was closed for a snow day, the newspaper was still doing stories about city programs like hers, which dealt with, yep, snow…

Anyway, i welcome all callers. Of course, my number’s in the book, too.

Back to grading!

Fruits & Veggies

As you likely know if you’re reading this, i don’t eat much of that sort of thing.

But at the fun run for my newphews’ elementary school a week or so ago, i learned about this company that brings a box of organic fruits and veggies to your door each week. Our pal who works at this company in Evergreen said the folks in her office recently started ordering from Door to Door Orangics and really liked it.

So last week, i signed up. When i arrived at the Fish family’s for Thanksgiving, i learned they’d signed up too and received their first box already.

Our “bitty” box arrived today. Thus far, i’ve eaten an apple. And made a salad with butter lettuce, tangerine and, um, cucumber for dinner. i must admit, at one point i asked Jim, what’s that vegetable again? A zucchini? He started laughing and said if he had a blog he’d post about my big learning experience. (Yo, people, they’re both green and oblong! Hello!)

Tomorrow (or maybe the next day) i believe i’ll whip up some “Maude’s potatoes” – OK, definitely not the healthiest from back in the restaurant days in Ames, Iowa. But tasty, with onions, cream and lots of cheese!!! Yum!!

(Note the record: Two posts in a single day. Whee!)

The Cold Concept

My goal today: Don’t pass out before class is over.

Here’s the deal: For at least a month, i’ve had this brewing sore throat and cough. i’ve taken it plenty easy, by my standards, and occasionally it would subside, but it never really went away. So after nearly a month of little to no physical activity, i came up with this plan.

Ski a couple of days, climb some, then run the Turkey Trot 4-mile with my bro (an annual event). i’d either feel better or worse.

The latter is how it’s turned out, unfortuantely. After the big, yummy t-day dinner at the Denver Fishes, i took to the bed and a big box of Kleenex. The one time i went out in the last three days was to the doctor Friday, where i got some antibiotics which probably don’t make much difference.

But after those three days in bed, it’s welcome to the working week. i’m encouraging people to steer clear of me and my still-dripping, tho less-congested nose. i’m eating a grilled cheese and drinking vitamin water (rescue) to stave off the lightheadedness. If i could reach a goal of running 4 miles and feeling good about it by Friday, i’d be elated.