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Ah, the scandal!

Sometimes i really do miss working in Florida. It may well be the best place on Earth to be a journalist. If you dig exposing the scandal and corruption, that is!

Take this recent turn of events in Orlando, my old stomping grounds. The short take: A long-time anti-tax advocate turns out to be on the take, getting paid by an expressway authority, a development attorney and others to lay off – at least that’s what the stories say and the DA there is investigating.

Colorado equivalents? It’d be like Jon Caldara taking a few hundred thou from the RTD to keep his mouth shut on the transit agency’s latest tax-and-spend scheme. Just wouldn’t be happening. (At least i don’t think so!!!) It’d be like Dan Caplis taking cash from Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy to stop talking about JonBenet and the Midyette case. Again, not happening.

Not sure what it is about Florida that makes people think it’s a great idea to pay people off or extort cash from their opposition. But it sure makes good news stories.

I ride alone…

So i’ve been skiing with my friend Mary from Florida (aka “Sexy Mary from Florida) and her girlfriends, the BOBbies.

You may be wondering what the BOBbies are. They’re really a cool group of chicks – at least this segment of them, because apparently there are many of these Babes on Bikes in the Orlando area. They wear pink! If the guys go along, they’re called “domestiques!”

But what were these tales of cycling in “pacelines?” i had to admit to these lovely women that, well, i typically ride alone. Sometimes i ride with a friend or two. i always seem to be the slow one.

And these tales of pacelines – of being “dropped,” of the new-to-Miami BOBbie starting a 54-mile ride in her new town (with guys of course) that turned into a century at the turnaround. She voluntarily dropped and fortunately found another group to ride back with.

While the camaraderie sounds wonderful, i must admit sort of like plodding along by myself, with no one else to let down or support.

And while i’ll likely continue to ride alone, it was fun skiing with the BOBbies!


Here’s the deal:

Sick of the snow and cold. Freezing around here.

Eating the fruits and veggies, for the most part. Leek and spinach quiche last week. Also cauliflower and broccoli in Indian sweet and sour sauce.

Getting ready for school to start Tuesday. Getting ready for more e-mails that read like this:
“I’m very concerned. The grade I recieved on the Midterm was not what I expected.
I studies WAY to much and Im a little confused as to why I did so poorly.”

That’s the bottom line for now… More some other day!!