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Three years ago this week…

my last chemotherapy treatment occurred. The following weekend, we took off for Seattle (as we’re doing this weekend) for some relaxation and a bit of celebration that the worst was over.

But is it ever over? And how do we live our lives after being touched by cancer?

Elizabeth Edwards and her husband faced those questions so publicly this week, while the rest of us deal with them on a much smaller, private scale.

Their answers have a much more public impact to. Should he continue his run for president? What if he wins? What if she dies?

They’ll be criticized no matter what their answers. And that’s what’s sad about politics – and, frankly, America – today. We polarize ourselves, thinking that our point of view is always the correct one, trying to impose that point of view on others.

i don’t have an answer for that one.

Certainly something good can come of this, if only in awareness. When i was young, breast cancer carried such a stigma with it. People didn’t talk about it. Some people would still rather not talk about it.

But there are millions of us out here, women who are surviving, living on to fight for another day. Just like Elizabeth Edwards.

A colleague at the university said last week she’d like to talk to me about my professional/career goals. I said sure, adding that my goals were pretty much summed up by the Eric Church song that concludes “living the living part of life.”

With or without cancer, that seems pretty much what any of us should do.


My friend Mary tried to tell people that i spend the winter watching basketball on TV while weaving and drinking beer in my underwear.

Clarification: i wear clothes and these days i drink wine or Jack Daniels. As i watch tonight’s game between my Iowa State Cyclones and Bobby Knight’s Texas Tech Red Raiders, i’m reminded of the many Iowa days i spent watching hoops in Hilton Coliseum.

It began in high school, when a friend of Dad’s gave us tickets. There was a reason for that. We could sit anywhere we wanted and watch Hercle Ivy shoot the lights out – or try to shoot the lights out. It’s hard to believe he’s still only third for shots taken – he sure isn’t on the list for percentage made. That’s why there were so many empty seats.

The team took an upturn when ISU hired Johnny Orr while i was in grad school and he recruited stars like the recently deceased Barry Stevens and Jeff Grayer and Jeff Hornacek. Back in those days, Indiana played at Hilton once – and every time Knight stood up, the crowd chanted, “Sit down Bob!”

The Saturday before we left Iowa for Florida, Kansas – with Danny Manning and Larry Brown – played their final game at Hilton. My bro the Hawkeye went with me, while Jim and our friend Dr. Mel watched in our apartment. My bro couldn’t believe how jacked up the crowd was at Hilton. Manning and Brown never won a game there, including that day.

Despite moving to Florida, i kept track of my team (sans the freezing rain, snow and below zero temps and windchills… the latter is -7 tonight). Loved it when Orr made the Sweet 16 back in the late 1980s. Tim Floyd had some great years and some great recruiting.

And Larry Esutachy’s teams of 99-00 and 00-01 were wonderful – and heartbreaking at the same time. When the Cyclones lost in the Elite Eight to Michigan State in 2000 after leading the entire game i spent the next day in bed. i was so depressed. MSU went on to win the entire tournament, and that game was probably the best of the lot. The next year, the Cyclones won the conference again, but cratered to Hampton (Hampton!!!) in the first round of the NCAA. And then Eustachy’s alcohol problems ended his career the next year.

His successor, Wayne Morgan, did OK in his first year, then saw his career unravel because of allegations about exchanging games for JC recruits.

This year, there’s a new coach and mostly new players. It’s a rebuilding year. The Cyclones lost to Colorado in Boulder, which had to be an all-time low (at least for me!!). But they’re headed for a winning record and maybe an NIT bid.

It isn’t the glory of the past, but, hey, i’ve got baby blankets to weave and vino to drink! Plus, it’s warmer here than in Iowa, by far!!