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Vacation pics…

Clearly, ideas about what makes a vacation pic vary widely as evidenced by this shot sent to me by children on vacation. It came with the sentence “our belay.”

Back to the foosball….

Thirty years ago this summer, a friend and i decided to date bartenders at the bar next door to the restaurant where we worked. We were successful. At some point in the late summer, i met Jim. At some point in the fall we started dating. At some point in the winter i started working at the bar.

And somewhere in there, i learned to play foosball, because that’s what people did at the bar.

We played foosball almost every night in those early years, either after work or on the evenings we didn’t work and just went to the bar. My recollection is that our first big dispute was over foosball – slop (that’d be me) vs. style (that’d be him).

When we left Ames, Iowa, we didn’t play quite so much. But we’d still stop in spots now and then. Pearl’s, the old dive bar on Pearl Street where BJs is now (they used to serve 10-cent cocktail shrimp at happy hour), was a good spot to play. The Oasis had nice tables upstairs. And the Walrus has decent tables, but it’s pretty loud in there and i’m too old to be in there after, say, 9!!

So the other day we bought a used table. We put it in our library. I need to get rid of the sleeper sofa in the basement as a result. Now we can play anytime, any day. We’ve recalled all our old pet names for each other, unprintable here if children are reading. I’m not too good and it makes me cuss a lot!

This table may not be the best. But it’s pretty fun. And if we get really serious, there’s always the $2,600 table advertised by ABC Home in the New York Times today!!