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Highlight of my day!



While trying to find our way abck from dinner and shots (just one) of rye, we came across the Team Fish bus, a definite photo op… Clearly, Team Fish members are, well, friendly… I rejected the offer of a shower and a beer… Now just need compromising shots of Paula and Terri!

Goal achieved!!!

Whoo-hoo! Found the Templeton Rye bus and they still had a bit left! Great stuff! I'll be asking Pete at North Boulder Liquor to order some next time it's available!

Hosts with the Most!!!

Folks in the Iowa host towns open their homes to cyclists, though most folks camp. Here in Spencer, our hostess has a fun pig (her late first husband was a hog farmer) and a couple of cool tractor thingies in the front yard. She even made us a rhubarb pie!!! Yummmmm!!!!

No, we’re not in Everly…

We’re in the beer garden in Moneta, which was bascially a few houses on a country corner. I do not miss a photo op with a plastic animal, however.

RAGBRAI virgin!

Folks with “virgin” written on their calves are first-timers on the ride (maybe it means they’re from Virginia, kids?). My pal got some help from the Livestrong Team at the bar in Melvin… though clearly, they weren’t aiming for the calf…

This wouldn’t go over in Boulder…

A sign at the entry to the bar in Melvin – keep your dogs away from those cyclists!!! Makes you wonder what the streets (and bars) of Melvin are like the rest of the year!!!

What i didn’t do July 4…

and apparently i was one of the few:

Ride my bike to Ward.

We took off at the crack of 9 to head to Indian Peaks for a hike. As we turned off U.S. 36 north of Boulder onto Lefthand Canyon, we were amazed at the lineup of cars – maybe a quarter mile – parked along both sides of the road. So we decided to count the bicyclists.

The tally, along 16 miles of winding road that climbs about 4,500 feet: 200.

We didn’t count the number of folks on the trail from Brainard Lake to Lake Isabelle (a six-mile roundtrip) – we should have, it might have been close! So we weren’t the only ones who didn’t do the hero bike for the holiday!