Rockies are in the World Series!!!

It’s been some 25 years since W.P. Kinsella published Shoeless Joe, the book that would eventually become the movie “Field of Dreams.” A few years later, he wrote The Iowa Baseball Confederacy.

Both books serve up a kind of baseball fantasy that’s romantic and idealistic, yet true to the sense of the game.

Now, the Colorado Rockies are living the sort of baseball fantasy Kinsella once wrote about. I asked my brother before the game last night if he’d ever have anticipated this when we went to see the Cubs or the Yankees play at Coors Field. I certainly didn’t when i saw the Rocks beat the Brewers in mid-August in what turned out to be a key series.

But somehow, the team managed to turn up the heat in September and get it done and they keep getting it done. It’s something that, regrettably, my beloved Cubs have never managed to do.

Still, it’s sweet to see the Rockies – and Colorado – living this dream. Pretty amazing!!!


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