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In search of prickly pear syrup…

In November, some girlfriends and i went to Red Mountain Spa in St. George, Utah, for a few days. It’s a great spot with lots of outdoor activities like hiking and biking and climbing, fitness classes and great food. One of the best meals we had was the Prickly Pear BBQ Pork Tenderloin. i found the recipe and wanted to make it while visiting my aunt last week, but finding the prickly pear syrup was a feat!

First i went to Draeger’s in Menlo Park, where they had an entire aisle of gourmet stuff in bottles, but no prickly pear. i tried Safeway and Eric’s Gourmet near my aunt’s apartment. Nada. Then i went to the Stanford Mall and tried at Andronico’s, Schaub’s and Sigona’s. In the end, i was forced to use maple syrup.

Returning to Boulder and determined to find the syrup, i went to Peppercorn Friday evening. The initial search through the syrups turned up nothing. We went to the mixology area where there are tons of weird syrups for cocktails (i’m sorry, but a chocolate martini is NOT a martini!!!). On the way out, i decided on one last glance near the pancake syrups and there it was! For about $8 a bottle, prickly pear syrup!

Anyway, this is a great pork recipe – and it makes a lot more sauce than needed. It’s actually a quick dish to make after work!

Ski day!

Why live in Colorado if you can't decide on the spur of the moment to hit the slopes at the crack of noon? I love to go to Keystone in large part because of the views. And maybe because I learned to ski mostly on Schoolmarm there years ago. It' still fun to ski that run, too! It's got the view!

It’s 2008, baby!!!

Oh. My. God.

As the young people might say, that is… so this is it, the year i’ll be really, truly, officially old. i gotta get crackin’, knittin’ up some sort of red beret that i can wear with a purple dress in March, tho i’m really not sure i can bring myself to join the society.

i’m realizing that four years ago today i got out of the hospital after my first (but not last!) visit ever, in which i said “oh shit!” when the nurse pulled my IV, alarming here, but i was actually yelling at a football game on TV. i also made friends and influenced people (NOT!) by lifting the lid to breakfast, seeing some sorta grits/eggs/ugh stuff and exclaiming, “i would never eat ANY of this!”

That said, i did get out there and go for a jog/slog this morning with the new iPod Nano i got for Christmas (it’s icy!) and then ate an egg with cheese and salsa for breakfast! A good start to the New Year…

In my other start as the New Year begins, for the none of you who read this, i’m beginning a little experiment here: http://fishnette.net/politics/ i’m hoping to put together some data and info and make the occasional snarky comments, as well as teach myself about some new tools (WordPress and hopefully some php/mysql lookups). Or whatever!