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On the run…

First, let me just say that video shot while jogging is clearly not all that clear, especially when the jogger isn’t so great at shooting video in the first place….

That said, last Sunday i ran the Bay to Breakers in San Francisco and Monday i’ll run the Bolder Boulder here at home. The two races could not be more different – here’s how:

  • The start: There are no waves, just a bunch of folks – many costumed – throwing tortillas – yes, tortillas – at the start of the Bay to Breakers. Tortillas are amazingly buoyant, by the way. Imagine if you tried this at the start of the Bolder Boulder – a half-zillion of those wave monitors would probably be all over you!
  • The Jesus people: There’s no “free speech zone” or pen to keep folks of different minds separated. Instead, the Jesus people are right there at the start of the race with their big signs decrying the godlessness of, i guess, the racers. A guy next to me noted that no one was even giving them any grief. “Hey, sinners are a pretty accepting bunch,” i replied.
  • The naked guys: OK, let’s face it, if someone disrobed shortly after the start of the Bolder Boulder, there would be big trouble. Here’s a great video with some of that wackiness. But as a friend i ran into at the finish line said, a lot of these folks maybe shouldn’t even be naked in private!
  • The pace: OK, when you have Elvis impersonators toting a keg, they’re not gonna be moving all that fast. i didn’t break 12-minute miles until after mile 4, when the crowd thinned – i guess more people stopped to drink, toke, whatever.

There are plenty of similarities, however. Lots of folks walking, great bands playing music along the way, cool scenery, camaraderie, a party at the end and a sense of accomplishment when (or in the Bay to Breakers case, if) you reach the finish line.

My wonderful teaching assistants!!

My teaching assistants are wonderful! We always go for happy hour at the beginning of the semester and especially at the end, when we really, really need a drink or three! This is some lame video i shot of our happy hour in early May!