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Crazy fun political stuff!

So, yes, the Democratic National Convention is in town and it’s pretty crazy and fun. Sunday afternoon, i walked around downtown near the Pepsi Center and met these guys. Pretty cute.

Most of my time has been spent inside, copy editing at the Rocky Mountain News. i’ve done a little Twittering (as fishnette if you’d like to follow). Saturday, on Jim’s brithday, we went downtown and i’d say one of the coolest things we saw was the exhibit of photos from the 1908 Democratic Convention on the seventh floor of the Denver Public Library. Really worth checking out – it’s nice and cool up there and the exhibit is really fun to check out. Dirt streets in downtown Denver!!

Hoping to go out after i leave work at midnight Wednesday, then hang out downtown some during the day on Thursday.

Typo time

Guess they could have spelled it "expected" then you'd figure it's a kiss'n'Ride. But no, this is thw Westminster park'n'Ride, where apparently kisses are excepted. Hmmm….

How many trips to Home Depot can one make?

Plenty. The story of my little basement project thus far.

  • Trip 1: Thursday to get samples of the bracket stuff i wanted to use.
  • Trip 2: Saturday night to get brackets, shelves and the screw kits, which i’ll be returning.
  • Trip 3: Monday to get longer brackets for the shelves for the TV gear, which i found at McGuckin. (Don’t feel too bad about not buying everything there, because they didn’t have all this stuff either.)
  • Trip 4: Monday to get one more vertical bracket and some sheetrock screw things.

This does not include the two trips the handyman (yes, i had the Handyman Connection do the work, the site says they’re female-owned, so there’d be that) made for more vertical bracket thingys. The first ones weren’t anywhere near long enough (i bought all the ones Boulder’s Home Depot had) so he had to return those to Louisville and go to the Broomfield store.

And i’ll be returning, to return some stuff and because the 36 horizontal shelf brackets i bought probably won’t be enough.

But that’s later. Right now i’m peeling the adhesive off each and every piece (i have about 15 shelves and with the TV brackets about 42 brackets to get that gunk off). Eventually i’ll have to dismantel the TV gear. But All Things Considered is on. That – and i believe a Jack Daniels – will get me through the adhesive.

And this is only the first third of my planned project. Anyone have any lateral two-drawer file cabinets (white!) they want to get rid of???

Book beat…

At the start of the summer i was thrilled about all the new books that came out by some of my favorite authors – and still am, having read most of them… Also love the Facebook book application – it’s kind of a motivational tool!

Here’s the roundup:

  • Ellen Gilchrist‘s “A Dangerous Age” is the latest in her series of novels, short stories, novellas about the Hand family. Some of her fare in the last 10 years or so hasn’t thrilled me, and i’ve been a big fan. But this was a great read – set in the years after 9/11 and during the Iraq war. Like her other books, still plenty of Southern gentility and sex with whoever. But she really captures the serious message of a new generation going through a war that they’re not all that certain about. And there’s a big role for newspaper editor Olivia de Haviland Hand in this book.
  • Louise Erdrich‘s “The Plague of Doves” is another great story by this great Ojibwe/German writer. It tells stories that span the generations of a North Dakota town, from its desolate founding, an early violent murder and the coming of age of descendants during the 70s. Another great read!
  • After seeing Laton McCartney on The Daily Show in the spring, i had to buy “The Teapot Dome Scandal: How Big Oil Bought the Harding Administration and Tried to Steal the Country.” After reading the first chapter, in which the man who spent millions to bribe Harding into the GOP nomination and the presidency is killed by his girlfriend because he’s about to return to his wife so he can be Interior Secretary so he can open up naval oilfields to Big Oil… well, geez, can it get any wilder than this? Well, geez, yes, it can! There’s a million bribe to the owners of The Denver Post to keep a lid on the story, many more illicit liaisons and lots of double dealing by the oil barons. For nonfiction, this is a quick and enertaining read.
  • “Girls Like Us” by Sheila Weller is the total dish on three of the women rockers who paved the way for the future – and whom i grew up listening to. It’s a great read for my generation. And younger women might be surprise at what the pre-birth-control/abortion world was like for women. Carole King got pregnant and married at 17 with her boyfriend/songwriting partner, but they kept rolling out the hits. Joni Mitchell got pregnant in her early 20s and gave her daughter up for adoption – something her parents didn’t learn about until probably 30 years later – and they were still appalled! Carly Simon’s mom, however, was one of the early proponents of The Pill, giving it to her daughters and helping their friends get birth control, too. Weller takes you through the years of all three of these women, from their teens to places like Laurel Canyon, Calif., in the 1970s, where they partied, hung out with James Taylor and all the other stars, etc. etc.
  • The latests of Alan Furst‘s WWII spy novels came out in June. But you know what? i just can’t read his books in the heat of the summer. i’m saving “The Spies of Warsaw” for the winter.
  • And now, on the oldies list, i’m totally digging “The Bronx is Burning” by Jonathan Mahler. i caught several episodes of the ESPN miniseries last fall and it totally captured that era of 1977, complete with my fave Ramones tunes. The Reggie Jackson Mr. October season with the Yankees, the love/hate relationship between George Steinbrenner and Billy Martin, Son of Sam, the crazy race for mayor in bankrupt New York City, it’s all here. A great work of journalism

There are others, but these are the real highlights of the summer for me.

The view from my loom

OMG! Only three weeks until school and I need to get going on the summer projects! So next week i'll replace the book cases and TV case thing with shelves attached to the wall. Mr. Handyman (seriously) visits Saturday to discus. Bet it gets done Monday or Tuesday. Then I gotta keep cleaning and fixing up to the back of the room.