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Week 3, come and gone!

Wow, that was quick! Still on the bandwagon, too!

The details:
Jan. 15: 45 minutes climbing, 45 minutes lifting weights
Jan. 16: 30+ minute jog
Jan. 17: cardio pilates on Exercise TV for 30 minutes… eek!
Jan. 18: 40 minute run
Jan. 19: 55 minute, 13-mile bike ride
Jan. 20: 40 minutes weight lifting and lots of inaugural TV (OK, that isn’t exercise)
Jan. 21: 30 minutes of Wii Fit. Exercise? maybe kinda.

Cleaning the basement links…

to remember as i recycle the issues from whence they came:

New York Times mag piece on advertising and marketing in the post-TV, i.e. ‘net, world. Illustrates the problems with the traditional media business model.

Great geeky story from the same issue about the competition to improve the Netflix algorithm.

A story about iGoogle themes and graphic design from the Times mag.

A New Yorker article about Colorado and the Democratic Party.

Times article on downloading textbooks.

Times article on Many Eyes.

Still another Times article, this one on the use of nanotechnology in skin care products. If it doesn’t say it’ll make me look 35 again at a cost of $15 a month in the lede, i really can’t finish the story.

Recollecting a few things…

in the by the numbers fashion…

30 years ago this spring that i graduated from undergrad at Iowa State (and then took a year off to hang out and, well, party.

15 years ago that i moved from Orlando to Boulder, with a stop in Austin.

18 hours it took to drive from Austin to Boulder, making a decision at 8 p.m. that, hey, i’m near New Mexico, it can’t be that far! When i rolled into Boulder at 1 a.m., KBCO was playing the Beatles “Two of Us” with the chorus, “On our way back home, We’re going home.” And i was.

9 girlfriends who came out 15 years ago for a chix on stix ski weekend in Breckenridge. Great fun!!

5 years ago i spent maybe 6 or 7 hours in some pretty major surgery, watching the Iowa caucuses the first night (Howard Dean’s scream didn’t seem all that odd if you had a lot of morphine in you!) and the Bush state of the union the second (great way to drive away guests!).

Week 2 a success!

Thanks to exercise TV, frankly!

The rundown:
Jan. 8: Ran to the fire area near Wonderland Lake, stopping a few times to shoot video. Gone almost an hour, ran probably 42 minutes of that.

Jan. 9: Walked 30 minutes in downtown Denver.

Jan. 10: Butt and thigh yoga for 20 minutes and pilates abs for 10 on my fave, exercise TV…

Jan. 11: Cardio yoga on exercise TV for 30 minutes.

Jan. 12: Cardio balance ball (again, exercise TV) for 30 minutes.

Jan. 13: 45 minutes climbing, one hour working out with trainer.

Jan. 14: 30 minutes on stationary bike at the rec.

so there you have it!

Video workshop

Pretty rough here – shot while taking breaks in between running, thus some shaking and, um, heavy breathing. i’d add some other spoken audio too and something different music wise at the end – may redo later!

Week 1, successful so far!

Tho let me confess, i did resort to “pilates core challenge” and “thighs and buns yoga” on TV tonight! Wednesdays may be difficult because i have two classes and many tasks to do…

Nonetheless, here’s the week one rundown:
Jan. 1: Bailed on crosscountry skiing on no snow in the wind and instead walked to Amante and back (25 minutes each way with a latte in between) then lifted weights for 30 minutes.
Jan. 2: Skied at Winter Park with Chuck, Wendy & Andrew.
Jan. 3: Ran out to Lee Hill Road and back in the late afternoon for 39 minutes. Need to remember that the light is really wonderful at that time of day.
Jan. 4: Climbed at the rock gym with Michelle.
Jan. 5: Ran 30 minutes near the lake.
Jan. 6: Climbed at the gym for 45 minutes in the a.m. with Anne, then lifted weights at the gym for 45 minutes in the afternoon (extra credit because Chris my trainer saw me!).
Jan. 7: OK, couldn’t go outdoors, too windy. Saving a secret sinister strategy for a moment of total desperation this month. Wanted to stay home because of the fires near here. So, it’s exercise from Comcast OnDemand. First, did the Gaiam Pilates Core Challenge for probably 25 minutes (it can’t be the entire thing). Then did the Exercise TV “Thighs and Buns Yoga” for 20 minutes. Much preferred the woman in the pilates vid, but the other was probably more challenging.

So i’ve got week 1 going for me!

What i didn’t do in 2008…

was eat at Taco Bell. i really only ate there about once a month before. Combined with the fact that i haven’t eaten at McDonald’s or Burger King in years, i’m doing pretty well compared to most Americans… except for that occasional chocolate chips/Gatorade obsession…

This year’s deal, for as long as i can keep it up, is my friend Mad’s blog/quest:

i’ve got it going on in Day 3. But it’s still only Day 3. We’ll see how far we get!

Happy New Year!!