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The touch ’em all tour

Yes, i may be headed your way. or i’ve already been there!

Really, the tour started in February, when i attended a Poynter workshop in Florida and decided to go early to visit friends in Orlando, taking a great bike ride in Lake County, kayaking in Orange and stopping in at the Orlando Sentinel, my former employer. i stayed late and visited a kid i used to babysit at her home in Gainesville – along with her husband and son!!

Later that month, i went to Palm Springs for a long weekend to visit my sister-in-law, who has a condo there. In April, i went to Minneapolis with my bro and nephew to a hockey tournamount, where we met up with my dad and i had breakfast with college friends – one from my sorority and the other from the student newspaper.

In May, i went to Chicago to help with a JAWS multimedia workshop, and spent an evening with friends from Sentinel days and their two kids. After a couple of nights with JAWS friends, i had brunch and went to an art gallery showing with a friend from my earliest newspaper days. Here in Colorado, i had dinner with several other Sigma Kappa sisters, chatting about the olden days.

As i type, i just returned from the Bay Area for another JAWS workshop, a visit to my aunt and getting together with a buddy from the Florida Times-Union. Plus, i caught up with many JAWS friends and met some great new folks!

Tomorrow, i hit the airways for two weeks. First, it’s Disney World with the nephews! OMG, we are all sooooo excited! On Friday, i fly to DC for another JAWS workshop Saturday where i hope to see more old pals. Sunday, a train to Williamsburg to meet up with friends from the old newspapering days, Tuesday to Fredericksburg to visit a former intern (it kinda scares me when my former interns are over 40, tho…), Wednesday to Hershey, Pa., to visit another former Iowa pal and family, Friday to Baltimore to see more former Sentinel friends, Saturday back to DC to visit the Newseum with a former grad student now working for Voice of America.

On June 20th, we’re going to a party in Carroll for our friends Laura and Jim. The weekend of the 27th, old friends from Tallahassee come to visit. July 3rd, we’re going to see Wilco (and we’ll have seen Punch Brothers the week before). July 10, it’s the annual family camping excursion in the mountains! The following weekend, off to Omaha for a week of riding bikes across Iowa! There’s the Folks Festival, Diana Krall, Bonnie Raitt and more in August!

As one of the nephews posted to facebook today:

it’s summer!!!!!

p.s., if you want to see me in the next two weeks tweet me @fishnette, comment here or facebook message me. or use my e-mail!