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A whole new decade?!?

OK, technically, maybe not… but it’s good enough for me.
On this evening in 1999, i was stuck in the Daily Camera newsroom waiting for the end of the world or some such. Six years ago, i was about Boulder Community Hospital, watching college football with Dixie-cup covered needles through my boobs, waiting for what turned out to be the first of my cancer surgeries. (Yes, there were more… but i recommend lumpectomy on a good sports day if that’s what you like to watch on the TV.)
This weekend, we’re in Tucson. We love the desert. We realized flying in (bumped to first class, thanks United!) that we hadn’t been here together since the early ’90s, when my family used to come for Christmas to visit my grandmother.
Soon, we’ll go for a hike to watch the blue moon rise, then come back, shower and go for dinner. We’re fortunate to be here and to have the means to do such lovely things. i feel a little guilty about that.
Like many, i’m looking forward to putting parts of the past 10 years behind us, especially the cancer part. Other, more global things – war, contentious elections, economic disparities – are not so easily dispensed with.
So for 2010 and the decade to come, i’m thankful for my good family, my good friends and my good fortune. And i hope to do more to make sure the disparities between those of us who have such things and those of us who don’t become far narrower in the next decade.
Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!

Martha Stewart is trying to kill us all!

And, by extension, i tried to kill my graduate students and myself at a Thursday night party. 

That bowl in the middle is this squash dip that i loved when i visited a friend’s knitting night last month. So i thought i’d make it and test it out on the 17 students in my fall newsgathering class. i laughed when my friend sent me the Martha Stewart link

It was the first time i’d ever cooked squash (go ahead, laugh), and that seems healthy enough. The chipotle chilis add a great kick. But then there’s the 10 tablespoons of butter, the 8 ounces of cream cheese, the 2 cups of sour cream (i only used 1 cup and it was lite). This isn’t the first time i’ve cooked with Martha – her mac and cheese is also great tasting, but potentially heart stopping.

That morning’s New York Times inspired my other new party dish (past students know i always test out a couple of new things on them):  Chex Mix, the new contest winning Buffalo mix to be specific. This was not the greatest success, but it was OK. Guess i need more Chex Mix practice, and that’s entirely possible since i have all these leftover ingredients.

There was some healthy food: Indian peanut butter dip and salmon mousse from a Jane Brody book. Plenty of veggies (they ate them all!). The prosciutto rolls in the foreground, well, maybe not so healthy. There’s also chocolate fudge (with marshmallows adding to the richness) and chocolate truffle cookies – and strawberries!

And i’m still munching on that leftover squash dip. The recipe makes way too much.