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Women in Congress, 1917-2011

Source: Center for Women and American Politics, Rutgers University

The big fire

This isn’t nearly as bad as the sky earlier in the day. But the fire shifted from southwest of us, to behind us to behind and northwest of us. I’ve been tweeting all day here and also using a beta product to assemble tweets here.


With my nephew to post more often. Now testing using the iPad. It works.

The fireworks

May come from the sky this Fourth of July.

Migration of the fishspew…

So, i’ve moved my blog from blogger to WordPress,  because blogger would no longer support hosted blogs via FTP and because WordPress is more versatile.

i’ve also moved my Web hosting from GoDaddy, a company i consider sexist, to DreamHost.

Still plenty of kinks to work out here on the fishspew for the next few days, but it’s more entertaining than watching the Broncos draft and my blood pressure rising with it!

Watch this space for more developments!

Why doesn’t Comcast offer the CBC?

i love watching the Olympics. The skiing and snowboarding are fascinating, short-track skating is a thrill, there’s plenty of snark about figure skating and, hey, those curling gals are kinda cute!
But i despise being forced to watch on NBC.
First, let’s address the primary issue. i know Bode Miller won gold in the super combined. There’s an AP story about it on my NBC Olympics iPhone app – since NBC is apparently too busy deciding how long we must wait to see the actual race on the freakin’ teevee. Clearly someone there has heard about the interwebs, since they were able to get the AP story out there… so really, since most of all know what happened, why make us wait to see the races?
While i’m on the subject, this whole idea of advertising is not working. i will never eat at Arby’s, Subway or McDonalds (let alone link to them), no matter how many times NBC shows their ads. 
Then there are the laundry ads. Believe me, i love the adorable kids in their athletic gear in those commericals. But then they get to the end and – really? really?!?! – they’re aimed at moms who do laundry? (Apparently my husband and brother are the only men on the planet able to do the wash?)
Like i said, i love watching all these sports – and after a nasty stomach virus, there’s not much else i could do the last three days. But i’m sick of NBC’s delay tactics.

Why doesn’t  Comcast offer up the Canadian Broadcasting Coverage? At least tonight i’ll be able to watch Canada-U.S. hockey – just not in high def.

School starts, daily blogging, well, takes a dive!

But i have been getting up early! And the sunrises have been lovely, with the waning moon.


My first byline in a while (OK, i do have a full-time job teaching!) appeared today in Politics Daily: http://www.politicsdaily.com/2010/01/08/colorado-u-s-senate-race-awfully-expensive-awfully-nasty/
Hopefully there will be more!!

On growing up…

Every fall and spring, i interact with 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds. Their parents are often younger than me. 

These kids are often immature. They’ve got crazy excuses (ultimate Frisbee, debutante balls, family reunions) to get out of tests. They e-mail begging for Ds. They send me goofy e-mails. They’ll grow up eventually, i know.

But right now, millions are watching a kid like them grow up on national television. Garrett Gilbert appeared to have no chance. But he’s coming on strong in the fourth quarter, replacing Texas senior QB Colt McCoy, injured in the opening drive of the national championship game.

Sure this Gilbert kid has an NFL dad, but he’s still 18 years old. And no matter the outcome (as i type, Texas is trailing 24-21), Garrett Gilbert is managing to mature in the space of a few hours. 

This happens with my students over the course of a semester, or maybe three or four. Either way, it’s a delight to watch.


Happy birthday to my mom…

On a snowy, cold day like this, Betty Fish would’ve been sitting on the marble slab atop the radiator in our ancient house in Collins, Iowa, reading a book, looking out the window, keeping her butt warm!

And i guess not a lot else would have happened. i don’t recall ever making a huge fuss about her birthday, turning 40 (i’d have been 5) or 50 (me, 15). Today, she’d be 86 (me, 51, tho that’ll change in a couple of months). If you’re reading this, take note that i was my mom’s oldest of three children. Back in the day.

Betty Fish was a stitch. She had great sayings for her kids. “Kiss my feet” was an all-around slam. “People in jail are wantin’ out” was the response to “i want….”. 

She was the only one of four children in her Gordonsville, Tenn., family to graduate from high school, then she went to Nashville to attend business school. She was working as a keypunch operator at General Shoe Co. when she met my dad and eventually married him. i was born, someone had to go to work, so they moved back to my dad’s family farm in Iowa. It was colder there, for sure.

Mom was a great reader, a liberal in the Al Gore mold (his family is from the same county she’s from) and a feminist, encouraging me to work and get a career. i know from the clothes she kept and the pictures i’ve seen that she always looked lovely and dressed wonderfully in her working days. 

i owe my mother more than i can say here. i know i disappointed her in some ways, marrying at 20 (tho she later saw the good in this), dressing like a slob most of the time. But i think she liked following my journalism career and adventures (except for maybe the motorcycles). 

Mom died too young, at 73, in 1997, of cancer. Every day, i wish she were still here.